Friday, November 29, 2013

Roan Painting Trip - June 2013

On June 3, 2013 I made my annual trip to Roan Mountain at the NC/TN border.  Due to a conflict in my schedule I missed the rhododendron bloom as well as many of my artist friends.
I arrived at Carver's Gap, mid-day on June 3rd so I only got 4 done before setting up camp.

#1 - 6x8 oil, of Carver's Gap with some cloud drama. You can see how much liberty I take in bending the land and moving trees to suit my composition idea. Here standing in the cloud shadow with sun spots in the distance. 

#2 - 6x8 oil curve of Round Bald, cloud light drama with atmosphere to add layers 

A look down the bald Southeast view

#3 - 8x6 oil, same view, I was seeing more warmth in the foreground grass standing in the cloud shadow. 

#4 - 8x6.75 oil, same view with a lead in and grey cloud hanging overhead

The next morning I got an early start and was joined by my good friend Craig Franz.  Here is a view looking Southwest while climbing Round Bald; that's Carver's Gap parking lot at the edge of the shadow.  This photo of course doesn't do it justice!

Wonderful vista view looking south towards Spruce Pine, NC

Subtle beauty

We came upon this young couple overnight camping on top of Round Bald.

Face-lit vista looking southwest

Snapshot over my shoulder, catching our breath going down hill again.

Wonderful subtle colors of early morning light; everyone is waking up in the valleys below.


Craig posing with Grassy Ridge at the top left, our destination for the day.  Looks like it may be cloudy up there, not good.....

On top Grassy Ridge at 6,300 feet above sea-level, still seeing some sunlight in the distance. Again I will try to paint rapid changing sun and cloud shadow drama. 

Here it is, dynamic drama!  Try painting this.....I look forward to this every year!  What fun watching these clouds hit you in the face.

As you can see everything changed including the temperature, felt like a 20 degree drop!

#5 - 6x8 oil, here is what I came up with.  Played around with this one way too long, but enjoyed watching the rapidly changing scenery.

#6 - 8x6.5 oil same general scene, maybe 20 minutes on this one.

With this view I would attempt to paint mostly sky and enjoy the drama.

Long arm shot

#7 - 6x8 oil, Cloud drama

#8 - 8x6 oil, I enjoy painting worn and rutted out trails, many times you will see alternate parallel trails because they are so eroded. 

This mature Spruce became my next victim.

#9 - 8x6 oil, mostly cloudy here

Here is Craig on Grassy Ridge, just skimming the cloud bases.

Now in the Soup!

#10 - 6.75x8 oil, painted this one next to Craig.  After this one we had had our fill of painting in the clouds on Grassy Ridge, not to mention we were cold to the bone!

Coming out of the clouds, kinda of windy, you can see it in the grasses

#11 - 8x6.75 oil, interesting to me the different color Spruce trees next to each other.  A lot of subtleties here mostly cloudy light with the suggestion of sunlight hitting the distant ridge. 

#12 - 6x8 oil, More sun and cloud shadow drama.  I was kind of missing the rhodie blooms, so I suggested some on the bush

#13 - 8x6.5 oil, Appalachian Trail study, skimming the clouds.  The path is covered with crushed granite rock so it seemed to look a bit lavender to me in the overcast light.

#14 - 8x6.5 oil, Same scene with the sun shining.  Mostly improvised the sun light with this one; I was getting really tired of the clouds!

Late afternoon repacking my gear after 10 paintings.  No food left from the hungry painter.  Looking forward to supper back at camp. 

I was grateful to be camping with Craig Franz the master camp fire builder.  We have really enjoyed the Tennessee State run campground just below Roan Mountain.  It is one of the cleanest well run campgrounds I have been to; they even have hot showers!

Day 3 at Cloudland near the old hotel site.  More greys and cloud drama.

A bit chilly wearing several layers

The fog was in and out; I was really attracted here by the rich yellow flowers.

#15 - 10x8 oil, Painting a little larger here as we were going to stay near our trucks

I kept waiting for the sun, it would just peak at us briefly.

#16 - 8x6 oil, Pushing the sunlight with this one.  Here you can see the parallel alternate trail due to erosion.

Again hoping for a little sunlight.  I guess that's why they call it Cloudland!

#17 - 9x12 oil, beautiful orange tips on these spruce fir trees.

#18 - 10x8 oil, This was a fun one.  Towards the end of the day we began to see blue sky and I started painting the distant towering cumulus cloud, then surprise, surprise, surprise.... the clouds moved in, so I tried to paint the drama.  The clouds here were just brushing the treetops and rolling across the ground, kind of a grand finale plein air work.....

Finally this picture I took of a little frog on the restroom wall at Cloudland.  Roan Mountain is surrounded by wonderful wildlife and insects. 

This winter I will be working on larger studio paintings inspired by this year's trip.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Charlotte - Art in the Garden Tour - April 2013

On Saturday April 19 and 20 of 2013 I participated in the Charlotte Garden Club's Garden Tour.  Most recently they have been a calling it "Art in the Garden Tour."  This is I think my third year for coordinating the artists.  This year we selected 12 artists painting in 6 gardens.

This year I was at Chipping Campden in Charlotte which is on Vernon Dr.  They are English style townhomes with the look of Cotswold of England.  

Here is a picture of the real Chipping Campden in England
Wikipedia says: Chipping Campden is a small market town within the Cotswold district of Gloucestershire, England. It is notable for its elegant terraced High Street, dating from the 14th century to the 17th century. ("Chipping" is from Old English cēping, "a market, a market-place"; the same element is found in other towns such as Chipping Norton, Chipping Sodbury and Chipping (now High) Wycombe 

This was my view in which I completed my 1st painting in the late afternoon on Tuesday after painting with the Plein Air Buds on the Catawba River. 

 10x8 oil "Chipping Campden #1" by Scott Boyle

This is a scene looking up Bibury St.

"Chipping Campden #2" 10x8 oil by Scott Boyle 
On Wednesday morning I painted this one at1550 High Street.  A lady was watering her window box upstairs.

I Saw a beautiful umbrella in the afternoon sun from the courtyard.

 "Chipping Campden #3" 10x8 oil by Scott Boyle

"Chipping Campden #4" 8x8 oil by Scott Boyle

 "Chipping Campden #5" 8x10 oil by Scott Boyle.  This one was in the second courtyard looking south in the 1pm-3pm sunlight.

"Chipping Campden #7" 14x12 oil by Scott Boyle.  I spent all Saturday during the event painting this one, which is the same view as #3

Joining me in the garden during the weekend was my good friend and great artist Jeremy Sams from High Point, NC

"Spring at Chipping Campden" 8x8 acrylic by Jeremy Sams

 Here is Jeremy's acrylic setup.

"Chipping Campden Courtyard" 8x10 acrylic by Jeremy Sams

If you are interested in purchasing any of these paintings contact Scott Boyle at 704-860-3803 or Jeremy Sams at 336-215-3202