Monday, February 23, 2009

February 2009 Plein Air Paint Out

On Saturday the 21st. 6 artists - 4 painting, came out to enjoy the afternoon light in Dallas, NC. We all had a wonderful time capturing the historic courthouse in oils. To see photos of our paint out see the link below.

This month begins my FREE monthly Plein Air Paint Outs near Charlotte, NC. Each month from February thru November I will publish an organized plein air paint out for artists. If you are interested in attending just visit the link below for the latest upcoming events.

I look forward to painting with you! Scott

Thursday, February 12, 2009

About My Best Half

If you have not met her, this is Esther my wife. As Valentine's Day is approaching I wanted to give her tribute. She is one of the great reasons for my success as an Artist. A wonderful critic with an objective eye who attends art and gallery shows with me, My accountant and cook, scheduler and agent, mother of 5 and home school teacher, but most of all my BEST FRIEND!

Happy Valentine's Day, Esther Proverbs 31:23

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Richard Oversmith Still Life Workshop

Oversmith demo painting
I attended a still life workshop with my friend Richard Oversmith this weekend along with 5 others. This was a 2 day workshop held at his studio in Asheville, NC. Richard is one of the finest artist today living in North Carolina and is still under 40. I have painted plein air with Richard many times but have always enjoyed his still life works. It was time well spent as I am mostly a landscape painter. Richard has impressive assortment of still life object to choose from and spent much time on compositional set up and lighting as well as 2 demos, a short talk on art appreciation and lot of individual attention and critiques when asked. If you wanted to see some of Richard's great brush strokes he was always happy to add a few.

Any artist looking for a good workshop to attend in North Carolina, I highly recommend checking out Richard Oversmith in Asheville.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

How dark those trees are

This is the Old Kiser Dairy Farm near my home in Bessemer City, NC. This is a study I painted in August 09. It was a hot day, about 98F. I drive by this farm many times a week in and out of town and I always have to look as an artist as I pass by sometimes waving at my neighbor Martin as I go. One thing I always notice is how dark green these summer trees are around the barn no matter how bright the sun shines.