Monday, April 27, 2009

American Society of Marine Artists (ASMA)

Painting by Christopher Blossom ASMA

American Society of Marine Artists is now on display through September 2009. My family and I had the privilege to see this marvelous Exhibit at the Spartanburg Art Museum in South Carolina. The Exhibit will be in Spartanburg through May 2nd, 2009 as it is a traveling exhibit and will move on to its next stop at Wilmington, Delaware.

Everyone who has some interest in art NEEDS to see this Exhibit! On display are 100 paintings and sculptures from the Greatest Marine Artists living today in the United States. If you enjoy fine art, this show will take your breath away! I asked my 14 year old daughter if she could pick the 4 best pieces and she said yes, but it would take a couple of hours for her to decide. This is from a teenager who was reluctant to come. My 9 year old after seeing the show wanted to paint with me when we got home.

Chapman Cultural Center including the Spartanburg Art Museum

For any of you who have not been to the new Spartanburg Art Museum (SAM) it is a beautiful facility and part of the Chapman Cultural Center. The Center includes 3 beautifully designed buildings which were finished in 2007 and costing $32 million. Scott Cunningham, Assistant Director and Curator of the Art Museum and his staff are to be commended for giving us the opportunity to experience this wonderful exhibit from the American Society of Marine Artists. Also going on at SAM is the wonderful Blossom - Art of Flowers Exhibit which continues till June 13, 2009

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