Friday, December 24, 2010

The Mystery of Christmas

"North Carolina Christmas"

This is a scene I painted this week when I was inspired by one of my favorite webcams which is on Purchase Knob in the Smokies.  I have it on my firefox coffee cup, which every time I open my firefox browser it will come up along with all my other favorite tabs.  I love the variety of light on the mountains from moment to moment.  I guess you could say this is my Holiday or Christmas Card to everyone!

The Magic of Christmas

I kind of resisted the commercialism of Christmas and with this painting I desired to downplay the lights and tinsel of the season.  I wanted to inspire a deep and meditative mood during this season.  A sort of quiet and introspective scene.   Many of us will reflect on the past year and consider our lives and the impact we have had on our world.  I know this has been a year I will not forget as my father-in-law, Nelson Silver died suddenly on September 22nd .  He was a great man of god who touched the lives of many people.  I think if I could be half the man he was I would have a great effect on this world for good.  I am going to miss him greatly.  For me, the magic of Christmas is God’s Grace.  He continues to offer the world a Savior for our sin problem.  I know during this holiday period there are many different views and feelings and I just wanted to tell each of my friends and acquaintances how grateful I am to know you, and to have crossed paths.  I look forward to painting and enjoying life with you all next year.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year!

Scott and Esther Boyle

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  1. Oh my goodness, Scot. I knew you were a talented painter, but wow, these paintings on your blog are breathtaking. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you in the new year.
    Merry Christmas,