Saturday, October 31, 2009

Back Yard Quickie

Gibson Branch behind my house

I have had a lot of opportunities to paint fall colors this year.  It has been just beautiful this year.  Normally I have not been too inspired by my own back yard.  I guess all I see are the things that need fixin and cleaned up.  There is a small creek at the edge of my property called Gibson Branch; it runs through a huge wooded area next door.  Well the golden glow was beaming in my studio window, so I grabbed my gear and headed out back.  This little creek is a bit of a challenge to paint, but it is up to the artist to make something of all the voices calling out. If you are ever doing a wooded stream scene be careful with those big straight diagonal trees. They are nice in 3d space, but I do better leaving them out for the most part. What inspired me was the beautiful golden light coming from behind the trees and reflecting in the water.  I teaked the photo of the scene but still it doesen't show all the beautiful color.....that's why we paint.

"Full Color"
oil on linen

I didn't have much time so I grabbed a scrap 5.75 x 5 and jumped right in.  I started in overcast light with the sun peaking through, which I feel produces more dramatic color. I used a size 6 and 2 hog hair bristle bush and a sable liner.  Done in 35-40 minutes.

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